In 1937, behind the Walper Hotel on Queen Street in Kitchener, Mel Weber started a business Bill and Mel Weber that sold everything from ball gloves to toys, skies to teddy bears. This one-of-a-kind sporting goods store was “Mel Weber Sports”. In 1963, the company split with Mel continuing his career in the trophy and awards business, while his son Bill Weber created Webco Sports, taking over the athletics side of the business.

Webco Sports then moved to the corner of Park and Victoria street in Kitchener, and was at this location for approximately 15 years. Bill Weber, at the age of 50, wanted to expand. With this in mind and looking to the future, Bill and wife Anne purchased 240 Duke St. and moved the business to this location, where Webco is running successfully today.  Since 1990, Webco Sports has been owned and operated by Bill’s youngest daughter Cindy. This third generation owner is carrying on the family tradition while incorporating her own unique flair.

Your sport is still our business, and we invite you to Webco for a truly unique shopping experience. No headphones, no loud music blasting. Just a relaxed atmosphere where experienced sales associates accommodate your athletic needs.